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Hair Rejuvenation

What are Hair Rejuvenation?

Revitalize your locks with our advanced hair rejuvenation solutions. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless hair as we bring back your crowning glory's natural vitality and shine.


Discover a confident, radiant you with our transformative hair rejuvenation treatments.



It typically takes about 10-20 minutes to complete this procedure.


Optimal outcomes can be expected within 2-4 weeks


It takes approximately 6 to 18 months to obtain the most favorable outcomes.


You will only need to attend one session for the treatment.


The period of downtime required for skincare is usually minimal, often ranging from none to just 1-2 days.


The use of specific skincare treatments can result in side effects such as bruising, redness, and swelling.


The option to use a local anaesthetic is available, although pain levels are usually mild or non-existent.


-Consultation – Free SCALP HAIR PRP X 3 Sessions x 1 month apart = £250 / session (Full package £ 600) -Mesotherapy x 6 sessions x 1 weeks apart = £200/session (Full package £1000) -Combined Mesotherapy and PRP for hair rejuvenation = £1500 (3 PRP session + 6 mesotherapy session) -Private prescription of Minoxidil = £50 BEARD PRP 3 sessions x 1 month apart = £175/Session (Full package £450) -Mesotherapy x 6 sessions x 1 week apart = £150/session (Full package £750) -Combined PRP and Mesotherapy = £1000 (3 sessions of PRP and 6 sessions of mesotherapy)

What can you look forward to during your consultation?


At Looks Clinic, we emphasize the importance of an initial consultation for every procedure, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of your unique requirements. Our committed clinician/therapist will conduct a meticulous assessment to ensure thorough understanding.


Once your treatment plan meets your satisfaction, we will arrange for your procedure(s) to take place at our cutting-edge clinic.


At Looks Clinic, ensuring your satisfaction is our priority. After your treatment(s), you will receive aftercare instructions and an emergency contact number. We strongly recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment at Looks in two weeks.

  • Is it suitable for my condition?
    At Looks Clinic, we believe in conducting a thorough initial consultation for each procedure to ensure a comprehensive assessment of your unique needs.
  • Is there any other alternative option available?
    We will discuss available options during the initial consultation, including the pros and cons, available in the clinic. This will help you decide whether to pursue alternative or additional treatment.
  • Does it cause any pain?
    Additional local anaesthetic is available if needed, although the procedure is usually painless.
  • If I have any concerns after the procedure, whom should I contact?
    You will receive written aftercare instructions and a helpline number upon completion of your treatment.
  • Do I need a review?
    Following the completion of treatment, we recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment two weeks later to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns.
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